The Flag of Kuwait


     Article One of Act No. 26 dated September 7, 1961, concerning the National Flag of the country states that the flag should take the shape of a horizontal rectangular, whose length equals double its width, and is divided into three horizontal and equal colored strips, from top to bottom; green, white and red. It also includes a black trapezoid whose longer base coincides with the facing of the mast, and whose smaller base equals the width of the white strip. The height of the trapezoid is equal to one fourth of the length of the flag.

     The flag should be hoisted on all government buildings, places of residence of His Highness the Amir inside Kuwait, and on all embassies, consulates and High Commissions of the State of Kuwait abroad. All ships of Kuwaiti nationality must also hoist the flag of Kuwait. The flag must also be hoisted on all government buildings during official and public holidays from sunrise to sunset.

     During official mourning the flag must be half-masted by hoisting it as far as the middle of the mast. The same should be observed by all embassies, consulates and High Commissions of Kuwait abroad during official mourning declared in the hosting country.

     Article No. 5 calls for the implementation of this act as from 1st of January, 1962. However, this act was amended by the issue of another Act (No. 13) which added the following text to Article No. 2: "The flag may be hoisted on private buildings during public and private celebrations. "The new act also included a new article which reads as follows:

     " Providing no violation is done to any other harder punishment stipulated in the criminal law, any person hoists the national flag at all times, or uses it as a trade mark, or as a means of advertisement, or hoists a disrupted flag, or in any inappropriate manner; shall receive a punishment not exceeding 3 months imprisonment and a fine not exceeding 20 Dinars, or any of such punishments."

     The new act had also amended the date of implementation of the flag act from the 24th of November, 1961, instead of January 1, 1962.